July 18, 2019



Reductamin quickly became the slimming medication of choice as, unlike it’s predecessors, it did not have unwelcome side effects and was not addictive.

Another advantage is that it works using all 3 proven weight loss methods combined into one simple to swallow capsule. It reduces your appetite for food, ensures your stomach feels full after consuming small amounts of food and also speeds up your metabolism resulting in a higher calorie burn.

This allowed patients to take Reductamin on a longer term basis so that they could reach their chosen weight loss target whereas the older addictive amphetamine treatments had to be limited to a single months course.

Reductamin is perfectly safe to self-administer providing that you do not exceed the recommended dosage. Take 2 capsules daily, one at 9am and another at 5pm.Developed in America, it is now available world-wide with all of the requisite licenses and safety standards for use in the EU.

You can now obtain supplies from ourselves as authorised distributors on a direct-to-patient basis for your own sole usage. You cannot order more than a 3-month course at a time.


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