July 02, 2022



Certain existing medical conditions or drugs and medicines you are currently taking could preclude you from taking certain other medication as they could possibly cause adverse side effects. Please study this information carefully and if in any doubt, consult a medical practitioner before taking medication.


These modern forms of the powerful female oestrogen (estradiol - estrogen) are particularly fast and effective. If you have a history of liver disease, heart or circulatory problems, blood clots, strokes, diabetes, epilepsy or are a heavy smoker you should not use Climaval or Estraderm Patches. Some nausea and weight gain is common in the early days of treatment.


Use only if you have failed to cease smoking by every other method and then only for a maximum period of 7 weeks. Must not be used by anyone with an alcohol or drug addiction. Do not take if you are on medication for depression, hypertension, malaria, diabetes, seizures or if you are on any form of steroids. Never exceed the stated dosage.


Not to be taken by pregnant or breast feeding females or by anyone with a kidney or liver disorder, epileptics, diabetics. You must not take this medication alongside or within 6 months of taking any MAOI drugs. If in any doubt contact your medical practitioner.


Do not use unless you have tried to lose weight by other means and failed. Never exceed the stated dosage. Not suitable for anorexics or for sufferers of bulimia. Discontinue use as soon as you reach the correct government weight ratio for your height.


Do not use on a continuous basis just when necessary. If symptoms persist beyond 10 days then you seek professional treatment from a chiropractor or physiotherapist.


Not to be taken except by adult consenting females. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed maximum stated dosage.


Take only when fluid retention is a problem. Do not take if you have Addison’s disease, hepatitis a renal condition or if you are sensitive to thiazides. Must not be taken by pregnant or breast feeding females.


Do not use on broken skin and keep well away from eyes. Thoroughly cleanse scalp before application. Rub in vigorously until fully absorbed.

PHYTO 2002

This is an extremely safe form of medication and is designed for use on a continuous basis. Do not use if you have very high blood pressure and your doctor has advised that you abstain from sexual activity


This powerful mixture of coagulated oestrogens is available in two strengths; (maroon 0.625 mg) and (yellow 1.25 mg). They are supplied in 28 calender blister packs. You should not take Premarin if you have had breast cancer, a history of embolisms (blood clots) or have a serious liver, kidney or heart disease. Side effects, although rare, can include especially initially, headaches, dizziness, weight change, mood swings or mild stomach upsets. If you suffer any serious side effect, stop taking the medication immediately. Taking a small dose of aspirin (75 mg) a day is a useful precaution.


Available in two strengths; 25 mg and 100 mg. It contains K+spanng diertus, ace inhibitors, triostane indometrian, carberoxolone, dilgaxin and aspirin and is supplied in packs of 28 tablets. You should not take Spironalactone if you have Addison Disease or renal problems. Adverse reactions are rare but can include headaches, drowsiness or rashes.


Because they are applied topically and absorbed through the skin, they are a very safe form of medication. You should not use breast or nipple creams on broken skin or eczema, or if you have a history of embolisms (blood clots). Tenderness of the treatment area is a normal reaction. Beard retardant can occasionally cause irritation or a skin rash as an allergic reaction and never, ever use near your eyes. Do not use in conjunction with steroid creams.


Never exceed 100mg in any 24 hour period. Viagra must under no circumstances be taken by any patient taking organic nitrates. If you have a history of cardiac illness then you should not take Viagra without clearance from your personal physician.


Apart from patients with history of severe heart condition or hypertension where sexual activity has been ruled inadvisable. Uprima is safe to self prescribe. Do not excced 3mg in any 8 hour period.


Due to its preposition in precursor formulation Testosterone is safe to self administer. If you suffer any adverse reaction simply discontinue use.


A formulation of cyproterone acetate it is a very powerful anti-androgen drug. It reduces the production of male sex hormones and blocks their normal action. You must not take Androcur if you have any liver disease, any type of cancer, any history of embolisms (blood clots), blood circulatory problems, severe diabetes or severe depression. Avoid drinking excessive levels of alcohol which can reduce the drugs’ effectiveness. You may feel tired in the first few weeks of treatment. It is supplied in 2 x 14 blister packs.


Providing it is taken with or immediately after food, side effects are rare except for experiencing hot flushes in the early stages of treatment. Taken on an empty stomach, it can sometimes lead to spells of dizziness.


Safe to take but in trials 2% of men experienced a decrease in the amount of semen produced and feminine type breast development. These effects reversed when Propecia was discontinued.


Providing you do not consume any alcohol within one hour of taking this medication, there are no serious contra-indications. It does interact badly with alcohol in some patients and then can cause severe headaches, dizziness and nausea.


Never take Femboost if you are currently taking Androcur (cyproterone acetate) as they react poorly together and cause severe side effects. Femboost is a well tried and tested medication with no significant contra-indications.


This is a powerful medicine that activates the body’s own action, but its action is significantly adversely affected by the consumption of either alcohol or caffeine (in coffee, tea, hot chocolate drinks etc) within two hours. It is NOT SAFE to take this medication if you are taking drugs belonging to the SSRI group usually prescribed for depression (i..e., Prozac, Valium etc).


LIke having a hormone skin patch all over the body, this treatment facilitates all over skin absorbtion of the female hormones including Oestrogen.Having a hot bath in itself can make some patients feel feint so we recommend 30 minutes of quiet rest after treatment. Must not be used by patients with a history of high blood pressure, fainting fits or heart condition. Keep away from face area and do not ingest internally.